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Your professional real-estate

Business premises, offices, retail property, warehouses... for every project, there is a real-estate leasing solution.
As the leader in real-estate leasing in France, BPCE Lease develops comprehensive solutions for each company, regardless of its size or sector of activity. With in-depth knowledge of companies’ environment and real-estate markets, our specialists recommend the solution that best fits your company’s financial strategy and real-estate ownership policy. Because real-estate investment requires stepping back and taking a long-term view of the company, our specialists guide you in making your current investments while preserving your company’s prospects for future development and allowing for expansion in its real-estate needs.
Real-estate lease

A professional real-estate operating lease, along with a unilateral promise to sell, is an efficient financing solution meant especially for property assets.

International leasing

Through its branches and partners, BPCE Lease remains at your side during your international expansion.

Our Solutions
Direct access to our lease financing products.