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Your Information technology

Regardless of a company’s size, its future depends on its IT investments. Natixis Lease’s range of financing and services helps meets its needs in terms of performance and budget.
Whether for managing the company or for its operations, and whether the company is a small- or medium-size business or a multinational, BPCE Lease offers a wide range of services for every level of demand.
Equipment lease and rental

You want to invest immediately in professional equipment, preserve your cash and diversify your sources of financing? BPCE Lease provides consistent leasing solutions for the most intractable issues.

IT operating lease

In managing their IT systems, companies face numerous challenges that cost them time and money:

  • rapid technological obsolescence;
  • managing of complex purchases;
  • budget projections and control of tedious expenditure, tracking down of hidden costs;
  • constantly adapting IT system to revenue growth and foreign expansion;
  • complex development projects with a medium-term return on investment;
  • outsourcing of some or all of the IT system to external service providers.

Lease Expansion, a BPCE Lease subsidiary, offers companies tailored financing and services from a leasing specialist.

Our Solutions
Direct access to our lease financing products.