Equipment leasing :
Optimize your budget while keeping it simple

Looking for a financing solution to invest in some equipment? Equipment leasing is the best solution to invest immediately while holding on to your cash. Looking for a flexible plan in line with your specificities, and that can be quickly set up? Learn more about leasing with our experts.


Possibility of financing your asset in full, inclusive of VAT

Flexible term and conditions

Can be integrated into your operating budget

Simplified accounting


Insurance for death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy and incapacity for work



Covers the person responsible in case of death, permanent invalidity or temporary incapacity(1)

Equipment breakdown insurance



Covers damages caused to machines and attachments (destruction, theft or attempted theft)(2)

Financial loss insurance on Equipment



In the event of total destruction of the equipment, covers the difference between the loan’s outstanding repayment and the insurance allowance received(3)

Online monitoring

Online monitoring of your contracts


BPCE Lease has been financing the social and solidarity economy, and assisting associations of all sizes for many years. Consequently, it is fully familiar with the issues involved in this particular sphere.

Our equipment leasing experts are familiar with the value of assets, and will support you throughout the duration of your contract. Jointly define the best solution with them to invest in your equipment while optimizing your budget.

(1) Insurance covering death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, and incapacity for work is provided via a contract with BPCE Vie, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(2) Equipment breakdown insurance is provided via a contract with MMA IARD, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(3) See contractual conditions.

To find out more about the insurance schemes, refer to the precontractual information documents. For leases with an increased health risk, refer to the “Aeras” convention website.


Carla Brunelleschi

Nursing home accountant

Thanks to the equipment leasing solution, we were able to renew all our site’s medical equipment and benefit from the latest technological advances.


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