Equipment leasing :
the simple solution for furthering your development

Are you a craftsperson, merchant, freelancer or VSE looking to finance your professional equipment? By opting for equipment leasing, you invest right away while preserving your cash flow. This modular solution’s multiple combinations will allow you to find the package best suited to your activity and your tax situation.


Possibility of fully financing the equipment inclusive of VAT

No advance VAT payment (1)

Modular term and initial payment

Lease payments are tax-deductible(2)


Insurance for death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy and incapacity for work



Covers the person responsible in case of death, permanent invalidity or temporary incapacity(3)

Equipment breakdown insurance

Covers damages caused to machines and attachments (destruction, theft or attempted theft)(4)

Financial loss insurance on Equipment

In the event of total destruction of the equipment, covers the difference between the loan’s outstanding repayment and the insurance allowance received(5)

Online monitoring



Online monitoring of your contracts

Executive middle aged businesswoman sitting at desk in front of laptop and doing some paperwork while giving sales advice to her young assistant. Brainstorming at the office.


Our equipment leasing experts draw on their extensive, on-the-ground knowledge of your business and your equipment.


Our teams will help you find the best investment solution while allowing you to hold on to your cash. For the duration of your contract, you benefit from personalized support to further your development.

(1) BPCE Lease pays the VAT on the equipment to the supplier. The customer pays and reclaims the VAT on their lease payments.
(2) In accordance with the French tax legislation in force for financing that is exclusively professional.
(3) Insurance covering death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, and incapacity for work is provided via a contract with BPCE Vie, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(4) The equipment breakdown insurance is provided via a contract with MMA IARD, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(5) See contractual conditions.

To find out more about the insurance schemes, refer to the precontractual information documents. For leases with an increased health risk, refer to the “Aeras” convention website.

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Jean Delmas

Owner of a local bakery

Thanks to the equipment leasing solution, I was able to invest in a new, high-performance oven without eating into my cash.


Are you looking to acquire new, more ecological equipment ?

Our leasing experts are there to help you find the best solution to renew your equipment.