Who is
BPCE Lease ?

BPCE Lease (formerly Natixis Lease) is the Groupe BPCE’s financing arm specialized in lease financing. A key player for leasing in France, BPCE Lease creates and delivers one of the widest ranges of integrated solutions on the market.. 


Real estate leasing : Financing of professional real estate assets (business premises, warehouses, offices, retail areas, professional practices, hotels, clinics, nursing homes, etc.)


Equipment leasing : Lease financing of all types of equipment (means of transport, industrial, medical and agricultural equipment, public works, printing, etc.)

Long-term rental : Long-term rental of vehicles and their associated services

Leasing with vehicle purchase option : Leasing with an option to purchase vehicles or boats

IT operating leasing : Installed base management with the associated services

Renewable energies : Financing and arrangement of wind energy, solar energy, biomass and hydroelectric projects


BPCE Lease markets its products via the networks of the Groupe BPCE, France’s second-biggest banking group, which comprises: Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, Natixis, Crédit Coopératif, CASDEN, Crédit Foncier, Banque Palatine, Crédit Maritime, BTP Banque, among others.


Net banking income of

€280 million


real estate assets financed



7 sites

in Europe and in the French overseas departments and regions

240 000

outstanding contracts


professional and corporate clients






BPCE Lease seeks to establish a long-standing engagement. Accordingly, our corporate and social responsibility policy lies at the heart of our concerns.



Operating at the core of the real economy’s financing, we place ourselves at the service of France’s economic development while financing a more socially responsible economy.

BPCE Lease favors local investments by participating in the development of local businesses and land use planning (financing of schools, retirement homes, hospitals, local communities), supporting agricultural development, and financing the healthcare sector (nursing homes, healthcare institutions, medical equipment).

Via its BPCE Energéco subsidiary, BPCE Lease is actively involved in promoting the energy transition, sustainable development and renewable energies, and figures among the foremost players in the financing of investments in this respect.




Our teams support the financing of buildings compliant with the latest environmental standards, or equipment intended to limit businesses’ energy consumption. The automotive solutions offered by BPCE Lease and its BPCE Car Lease subsidiary seek to promote mobility solutions that will reduce the automobile’s overall environmental impact. This involves defining a responsible car policy for our customers, financing electric and hybrid vehicles and their charging infrastructures, eco-driving training, awareness of road safety and prevention of risks.


BPCE Lease is committed to developing close relations with its customers, in particular through its local presence, and responding to their everyday concerns. 




BPCE Lease is specialized in the financing of businesses and professionals, with in-depth knowledge of professional equipment and real estate. These strengths allow us to better understand our customers’ demands, and to offer them personalized support for the duration of the contract.




Experts in all fields are at your service to effectively optimize your investments.

Driven by a continuous improvement policy, all our employees endeavor to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ever attentive to your needs, our customer focus and co-creation approach are key to the development of all our new services and products.

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