Real estate leasing :
custom financing adapted to your real estate projects

Are you looking to finance a business site, warehouse or hotel that already exists, has yet to be built, or requires renovation?

Real estate leasing is a lease financing solution adapted to projects with a price tag of over €500,000. It takes the form of a long-term lease with an option to purchase at the end of the contract.


Possibility of financing the asset in full

Packaged approach for construction projects

You reduce your balance sheet and optimize your capital

Lease payments fully corporate tax-deductible(1)


Support from experts



Legal experts, specialists in insurance, valuation, worksites, etc. intervene throughout the lifetime of your operation to make sure everything goes smoothly

Insurance for death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy



Covers the business leader, associate or guarantor in case of death or invalidity(2)

Multi-risk building insurance



A level of cover that safeguards your building and integrates lease payment coverage in case of a major disaster(3)

Construction insurance

Construction insurance

For construction projects: contractor’s or builder’s liability insurance and property developer insurance, comprehensive worksite insurance, property developer civil liability insurance(3)


Our real estate leasing experts will support you at every step in your project to secure your financing. This involves establishing a personalized package in line with your needs and situation, safeguarding the operation faced with ever more stringent regulations, referring to a dedicated notary specialized in real estate leasing arrangements, and supporting you throughout the construction phase and for the duration of your contract.


This level of expertise explains why BPCE Lease is the market leader for real estate leasing in France.

Pricing of real estate leasing’s administrative actions

(1) Insurance covering death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, and incapacity for work is provided via a contract with BPCE Vie, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(2) Equipment breakdown insurance is provided via a contract with MMA IARD, a company governed by the French Insurance Code.
(3) See contractual conditions.

To find out more about the insurance schemes, refer to the precontractual information documents. For leases with an increased health risk, refer to the “Aeras” convention website.


Frédéric Dutoix

CEO of a transport and logistics company

Solid technical expertise combined with excellent knowledge of the sector, these are two all-important components of a project as exacting as a high-threshold Seveso site.


Finance your solar panels !

Self-consumption or sale of surplus energy ? Harness solar energy and transform it into electricity.

Our experts in leasing and renewable energy will help you set up your solution.