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Lease Expansion

Dual expertise in managing IT systems and in financing companies

Lease Expansion offers tailored solutions to companies for financing and managing their IT assets and projects.

It helps companies enhance their IT budgets by getting greater value out of existing assets and by facilitating IT system upgrades and developments.


Lease Expansion in a few figures:

  • management of more than 450 contracts
  • more than 27,000 assets under management
  • more than €140 million in assets under management


 What Lease Expansion does:

  •  financial leases (pro forma reletting, buy options);
  • operating lease (high residual value);
  • comprehensive management of equipment life cycle;
  • leasing of IT solutions, including integration of software, business software and special developments;
  • leasing of platforms used by your sub-contractors;
  • infrastructure leasing;
  • equipment trade-in.

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Contact us

Vous pouvez nous contacter au :

Tél. : 01 58 32 43 81
Fax : 01 58 32 49 20

Adresse postale :
4, place de la Coupole 
94676 Charenton-le-Pont

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Our Solutions
Direct access to our lease financing products.