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Our distribution networks

BPCE Lease is the center of skills in all leasing businesses at the service of Groupe BPCE’s banking networks. BPCE Lease’s offers are marketed by the following banking networks:
Banques Populaires

The bank for people who take their lives into their own hands

Caisses d'Epargne

Retail bank for individuals, professionals, companies and associations.


Natixis: corporate and investment banking.

Banque Palatine

Banque Palatine is the bank of corporate and high-net-worth clients.

Crédit Coopératif

Crédit Coopératif is 120 years of cooperative banking, and a vocation : to foster the development of an economy with high social value. At Crédit Coopératif, members co-build their banking their banking tool. They make bank together.

BTP Banque

Created in December 1919, at the initiative of the Chambres Syndicales du Bâtiment and those of Travaux Publics, under the name of Banque Corporative du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics (B.C.B.T.P.), BTP Banque is dedicated, from the beginning of its existence, to companies and organizations of the Profession.

Crédit Maritime

The coastal bank

Our Solutions
Direct access to our lease financing products.