Looking for vehicles for your business ?

Looking for vehicles for your business ? We’re there to help you !

Are you a business leader or fleet manager? Our experts can help you determine the vehicle financing solution best suited to your company’s needs. With our long-term rental and equipment leasing solutions, you can invest immediately and without any initial payment.



Long-term rental Car rental with no option to purchase, services included

Equipment leasing Car rental with an end-of-contract option to purchase

Term of the lease

2 - 5 years

3 - 5 years

Option to purchase at the end of the contract

Minimum initial payment



Annual kilometrage

10,000 - 75,000 km/year

Up to a total 150,000 km


Financing a specific or specially equipped vehicle

Driving school, ambulance, refrigerated vehicle, bus ...

Customize your vehicle

Brand, model, options ...

100% customized

100% customized

Vehicle services included in the contract*

Maintenance, assistance, tires, France's Liber-t electronic toll

Vehicle fleet management solution

* Depending on the services taken out in the contract


Would you like to engage your company in a sustainable development approach ?

Our experts can provide you with all their advice to set up tailored solutions.

Discover our *Equipment for business offers*

Discover our Equipment for business offers