Long-Term Rental:
optimize the management of your vehicle fleet

Looking for a straightforward solution to manage your company’s vehicle fleet? Long-term rental is an efficient solution for optimizing your vehicle management. With or without an initial payment, with durations, kilometrage and services tailored to your needs, we are there to devise solutions that meet your every need. By outsourcing the management of your fleet, you no longer have to concern yourself with administrative formalities: all our vehicle services are included(1) and we negotiate the best prices on your behalf.


All-inclusive payments to control your budget

Discounts negotiated for you

All fleet-related services are centralized

Tax-deductible rental payments(2)





24/7 assistance if the vehicle is entirely immobilized (including replacement vehicle, accommodation expenses and the continuation of your journey)

Fuel card



Gives you access to the certified network of petrol stations to pay for your fuel or car wash expenses

Mobility service



Short-term car rental for an unplanned need



Covers the mechanical, electronic and hydraulic repairs needed for the vehicle’s proper functioning, and everyday maintenance operations recommended by manufacturers

France’s Liber-t electronic toll



Badge allowing you to gain time and centralize your toll expenditure




Trade in your old vehicle with our partner

Financial loss



Permet, en cas de vol ou de destruction totale du véhicule, de couvrir intégralement la différence entre sa valeur financière et sa “valeur à dire d’expert”




Replacement of tires in line with the quota stated in the contract

Eco-driving training



Training for your drivers in driving techniques that are safer, more economical and more eco-friendly: eco-driving and road risk prevention

Sécurité Plus



Topaze third party liability insurance; legal protection; coverage for third party damage, fire and theft(3)

Replacement vehicle



Benefit from a relay vehicle in case of your vehicle’s immobilization, theft or an accident

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As a multi-make leaser and service aggregator, we negotiate the best discounts for you with vehicle manufacturers and service providers.

We bring you our expertise so that you can choose the best vehicles for your company’s fleet.

(1) According to the terms of the contract
(2) In accordance with the French tax legislation in force.
(3) Third party liability insurance and legal protection are provided by BPCE Car Lease via a contract with AXA Assurances, a company governed by the French Insurance Code, and completed with the third party damage, fire and theft Topaze service.

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Marc Vaillant

CEO of an electrical equipment SME

I now spend much less time dealing with my cars! I can focus on my business and my customers...



Our experts are there to support you with the transition to sustainable mobility

  • Assistance with the definition of a responsible vehicle policy,
  • Financing of electric and hybrid vehicles,
  • Analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),
  • Training in eco-friendly driving for your drivers...