Equipment leasing: new “Equipment breakdown insurance” option

To meet market demand, as of March 2020 BPCE Lease will offer an Equipment breakdown insurance option. To better meet customers’ needs, our current services will be supplemented by this scheme.

An insurance product range already exists for equipment leasing, users. For instance, customers can take out a Financial loss insurance policy or Machine breakdown insurance, which protects the lessee in the event of theft or destruction. This range also includes insurance covering death, permanent invalidity or temporary incapacity for the business leader, as well as their heirs. It offers further benefits when the business leader has a craftsperson status or works as a freelancer.

The Equipment breakdown insurance policy complements our current scheme.


Our objective: securing your financing

The Equipment breakdown insurance policy covers the lessee in the event of total loss of the equipment financed through leasing or rent. The lessor-owner is paid the amount due following obligatory “damages” insurance payments, which are also taken out by the lessee.

The makes the scheme financially secure for both the customer and the lessor. Anne Drouyer, Insurance Director, commented: “This is an optional scheme that requires detailed explanation. But it is definitely worth having.”

This option, available from March 2020, provides peace of mind for lessees. They maintain their cash flow, since the remaining due lease or rental payments will be settled by the insurance coverage in the event of total loss. This scheme is the perfect solution for companies to avoid getting into debt and secure new financing to continue their production activities with new equipment.


Easily secured

The Equipment breakdown insurance policy is easily secured, as it is packaged directly with leasing financing. It is thus included in the leasing or rent. Anne Drouyer confirmed, “It offers our customers peace of mind and saves them precious time.”

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